Talamh has been created by a team of professionals with extensive international experience, that during their trips they realized that our local products were highly appreciated abroad, especially the top quality ones.

For that reason we decided to create a company that could cover this need in the international market and that can soon become an icon and a reference for quality, exclusivity and authenticity. Thus we turn our hobby into our work.


Talamh is a Gaelic word referring to the fertile soil, the one that provides the best products. This concept is the philosophy that defines our company. We provide a value added with our sensitivity and appreciation for the traditional and exceptional quality products.


In Talamh -also providing organic products-, you will find the uniqueness and quality that our customers expect from us. We ensure comprehensive monitoring of the entire end to end production process, from the seed until the product reaches your tables.

Furthermore, and in order to satisfy those who opt for the already known products outside our borders, Talamh has a second business area, which consists on the distribution of other brands. This means of course, to also be in line with our philosophy of maintaining the highest levels of quality and exclusivity.


Our goal is to offer Talamh products to any table of the world, to provide that product that instantly activates your 5 senses and the pleasure of enjoying a cuisine so far available to very few. Talamh: luxury of quality, exclusivity of craftsmanship and respect for tradition.


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