The Iberian Peninsula, due to its privileged location, has a very diverse climate and geography which defines several agricultural areas, very well differentiated within the same peninsula. All this means that the variety of products that can provide these areas is varied.

In addition to products that have been previously disclosed in our website, there may be many other products, not least in terms of quality, taste and health benefits, which are not as well known outside our borders. If you got here, do not miss the opportunity to learn these valuable jewels of gastronomy peninsular.

Thanks to Talamh experience and to our commitment to offer the best products with the most exquisite qualities, you will be able to receive other products that will surprise even the most experienced palates.

Due to the wide range of products Talamh can offer, if there is any product you are looking for but it’s not found on our website please don’t hesitate to contact us. Products showed on this website are just a representation of the most searched, but not the only ones that can be brought to your table


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