Iberian Ham


Iberian Ham is one of the most representative products within the wide range of Mediterranean food, and certainly it is considered the world's best ham. Talamh brings to your table the best Iberian ham and Serrano ham that can be found at the market.

Iberian Ham, like other products of the Mediterranean diet provides substantial benefits to health and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease because of its high content in oleic acid, second only to olive oil.

Centuries of tradition translated in a specific manufacturing process with a single type of raw material for the best kinds of ham; for the case of Jamon Iberico, 100% Iberian pigs fed of acorns and raised in open fields in the provinces of Extremadura, Huelva and Granada -among others- being these, the main producers of the best ham in the world.

Iberian variety

In products based on animal husbandry, besides the well known Iberian ham, Talamh has many more products to offer. From sausages, steaks, sausages, salami ... all following the standards of quality and craftsmanship of the transformation that makes Talamh a reference in those products distribution.

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