In Talamh we specialize in the distribution of wines from the best and finest spanish vineyards. Grapes grown in exceptional soil, based on integrated farming, taking care of proper fermentation and processing of all our wines and cavas.

In Talamh we specialize in the distribution of wines from the best Spanish wineries including among others the DO (denomination of Spanish origin) of Rioja, Rivera del Duero and Penedès.


Wines are rated on the basis of the grapes used, manufacturing process, labeling and aging process. Talamh offers the best wines including products with designation of origin, which guarantees the quality and the geographical environment in which such products are original from maturation proces.

Our wines mature in old American oak and French oak. This steeping time gives our wines a unique flavor, with a texture, flavor and body that makes them the world's best Spanish wines.

Talamh brings:

Our variety also includes wines from the new organic farming, producing organic and exquisite wines that make our offer a unique one in the market. These wines have been selected and treated with the care that sets us apart and makes us a reference for bringing the best and most delicious products to our discerning customers.

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